Friday, 27 February 2015

Exploring fabric collages 2014

Using a piece of white cotton pegged to a clothes line, I brushed on silk fabric dyes and then sprayed with water to disperse.  As they blended they created the exciting background.
 Using 3D dimensonal paint I created the idea of long grass in the background.  Then I did some drawing with a green fabric marker.  Taking a red cotton fabric I cut out circles of different sizes.  I also did this in a multi coloured orange yellow fabric.  There were stuck down in layers onto the background.  Finally I used 3D black dimensional paint to create the centres. This is a lovely medium to work with.  It was then framed in a glass frame to protect.

Collograph Printing 2013

Totally love this medium.  I prepared a mount board by cutting into it in the negative space.  Then using texture of broken egg shells, torn wallpaper, graphite, cheesecloth created depth.  It was ined up and put through a printing press.  I loved the prints so much that I kept this original plate as a picture and framed it.

Meeting the President.....2013

President Higgins and his lovely wife Sabina in Dublin 2013. This was the presentation of awards for the Bicycle project undertaken by me in 2013.
See older blog of the making of this project.

Mixed Media Stitched Square.

 Mixed Media Stitch Readers Challenge - This was selected for print in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine in 2014.
 This is a personal achievement for me and I am very pleased.
Thermofax stencils and hand and machine embroidery.