Friday, 2 February 2018

Some of my work from 2017. This piece was chosen for publication in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine USA this year. It was a weaving challenge and they chose 10 submissions to publish. This is a worldwide magazine for mixed media artists to showcase their work. This is the second time I have made the top with them. Air drying clay and weaving was used in this piece.

This Fairy house was created using wire mesh and plaster of Paris bandage. Annie Sloan Chalk paints on walls. Curtains made from dyed muslin.

This find was brought back to life painted with Annie Sloan chalk paints and beautiful upholstery fabrics

 The completed Fairy house that was upcycled January 2017 and was in an exhibition in March 2017. See previous post for progress reports.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

April the month of Fairies

This month is the start of an exhibition of the world of fairies as seen by our world. Here are a few of the completed projects I have been making. The book is an old ledger from 1930. I drilled pilot holes and then cut out the pages with an exacto opposite knife. I stuck the pages together. Then added the embellishments to complete.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Upcycling paperback book

Book Folding Fairy House
Fold book in shape of house and decorate with bits and bobs!  Wool used for grass. Sea shells for garden ornaments.

Upcycling Dolls House to Fairy Wonderland

 This house was found dumped in the bog Christmas 2016
 Emergence with aluminium foil, masking tape and tissue
 The bark comes to life
 Applying the flowers to create a fairy wonderland

Nearly there - Now for the furniture!

Where has the Time Gone?

Some of my recent work .
 Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper 2017

Friday, 27 February 2015

Exploring fabric collages 2014

Using a piece of white cotton pegged to a clothes line, I brushed on silk fabric dyes and then sprayed with water to disperse.  As they blended they created the exciting background.
 Using 3D dimensonal paint I created the idea of long grass in the background.  Then I did some drawing with a green fabric marker.  Taking a red cotton fabric I cut out circles of different sizes.  I also did this in a multi coloured orange yellow fabric.  There were stuck down in layers onto the background.  Finally I used 3D black dimensional paint to create the centres. This is a lovely medium to work with.  It was then framed in a glass frame to protect.

Collograph Printing 2013

Totally love this medium.  I prepared a mount board by cutting into it in the negative space.  Then using texture of broken egg shells, torn wallpaper, graphite, cheesecloth created depth.  It was ined up and put through a printing press.  I loved the prints so much that I kept this original plate as a picture and framed it.