Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Where my work is taking me today

I am starting on friday with a new programme teaching disabled people miniature gardening.  I am going to do a video presentation of my visit to Madeurodam in Amsterdam.  This is an amazing place which sets out the buildings etc of Amsterdam in Miniature.  It is an inspiring place to visit.  This is where I will take my inspiration from and work through making gardens with them.  They have a new purpose built community centre with raised beds.  I hope to allocate a plot in the raised bed to each one to work on their own interpretation of what a miniature garden is to them.  Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Today I have decided to become a blogger!

I have created so much over the years I am going to start showing the world my creativity and get a buzz from your feedback. To all my current and to become friends Welcome and hope you enjoy what you see.
Each day I get up with a mind full of what I am going to do today.  Not everything goes as planned however an outcome is not far away.  I really like working with re-cycled bits as it keeps the costs down and I get a buzz from making something new out of something old.