Friday, 16 August 2013

A way with the Fairies

The Fairies are taking over my life and I am enjoying it.  See my blog on  and enjoy my progress with this exciting project.  Making the houses has been a treat and forcing me to look out side the box for items that are small enough and will blend into the background.  However at first I was playing too safe and it was not magical. Since then I have gone on to develop the following styles and when I put them on site the magic started to happen.  It will take the best part of 6 months to get it all finished but who is in a rush when adventure is at play!! Loving it!! My mind is working overtime with all the possibilities.  The part I am enjoying most is the smiles on peoples faces when I tell them what I am doing. We are all children at heart.  Just wait until the children start finding them

There are horse tracks in the Park. I am expecting to find discarded Horse Shoes any day that the Fairies have decided to turn into houses. I can already see where they would go.  It is coming into the season where the nuts fall from the trees so again it will be interesting to see what plans the Fairies have for these.